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School Fund Raiser

Sell discs at your Flying Aces show to raise money

Photo courtesy TEAM 21 After School Program
frisbee expert entertains kids
"OH YEAH, WE SOLD OUT!!! You guys were AWESOME and the kids have not stopped talking about it. Thanks again for a wonderful time!"
~ Helen G. – Adams Elementary

The Spin Jammer Fund Raiser Program is a fun and easy way to generate income for your school, while providing the participants with a bargain on a high quality disc.

The Spin Jammer Company will send your school a minimum of 100 discs for $4.00 per disc with no money up front.  The school then sells the discs for $6 per disc and keeps $200 profit for every 100 discs it sells.  After seeing a Flying Aces show, everybody will want to get a disc.

Spin Jammer will even pay the return shipping
for any discs that do not sell, so you can't lose.

Give us a call at (734) 428-2100 to get things rolling.

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